A robust system for tracking popular data related to government and the public sector.

  • Budgets
  • Contracts
  • Public Projects
  • Tax Revenues
  • Employment Figures

  • Public Agencies

  • Governing Bodies & Elected Officials

  • Members of those bodies (Positions)

  • People

  • Public Servi...

It'd be nice if...

  • Trello had a view to display archived cards on a given day, week, month

Linking OSX Desktop folder to Dropbox

I wanted to make my OSX Desktop a folder in my Dropbox, so it always syncs.

  • I cleared all the files from my Desktop to ensure I don't delete anything when I do this.
  • Remove the default OSX Desktop folder, which is in your /Users/<username./Desktop. So, I sudo rm -rf ~/Desktop, which is ...

Personal Clothes with 3d Printers

When will I be able to have my 3d body scanned (1-2 times per year), and have clothes visualized in 3d, then available for customization and print in local locations?

Managing Photos

Accumulating photos over the years has resulted in a fragmented collection spread across storage devices.

Services I Use to Store Photos

  • Dropbox
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Amazon S3
  • Backup hard drives

I'd like a solution where:

  • I have them backed up
  • I have them in multipl...

Interoperable Web Objects

What does it mean to have interoperable web objects?

  • Drag and drop between applications
  • Enforce permissions
  • Propagate changes
  • What else?

My Digital Office

What constitutes my workspace?


What's currently on my desk?

  • 27" Mac monitor
  • 13" Macbook Pro - for work
  • 13" Macbook Air - personal
  • book: Running Lean
  • cup holder
  • pencil
  • paper
  • post-its


What does my computer desktop typically look like?

  • ...


to build with one’s hands

one piece at a time crafted

solution for you

Kindle Highlights

Today, I made a few highlights in my Kindle on the way to work. Then, I wanted to throw all the text somewhere and do something with it. Searching kindle api yielded unsatisfactory results, but kindle ruby led me to a kindle-highlights ruby .gem...

Visualizing Personal Finances

Personal finances can become complex quickly. I've found to be an extremely helpful tool in managing our finances. It is great at making many accounts available in a single interface. Unified field visibility, is an important concept. I downloaded all my transactions (which is an awes...


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Ryan is a systems-thinking software developer. He employs lean and agile techniques to address community and organizational challenges.

He loves musing on the future, and enjoys civics, architecture, reading, music, Legos, and baseball.

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