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Afomi This site is a personal outlet and sandbox to cultivate ideas - a digital sketchbook of sorts, by Ryan Wold.


I'm fascinated by technologies and communication tools that empower individual creativity and community action. I marvel at harmonic patterns that emerge in nature. I work to realize order through natural and systematic workflows.

As a Software Engineer at Granicus, I craft digital tools to support effective open government and meaningful citizen engagement.


Project: Winnow

Winnow is a Google Chrome Extension that makes it easier to move tabs between windows and manage groups of tabs.

2013-11-03 personal javascript, grunt, google chrome active
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Project: CPORD Status

A very basic, self-serving Google Chrome extension which is a dropdown menu with 5 options, corresponding to GTD: Collect, Process, Organize, Review, Do.

2013-11-02 personal javascript, google chrome, grunt release
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Project: Auto Screenshot

autoscreenshot a list of urls using ruby, capybara, and selenium

2013-04-02 personal, granicus ruby, capybara, selenium, png dormant
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Project: Graphvizzle

a Jekyll site with posts using viz.js, a Graphviz .js library.

2013-11-15 personal viz.js, jekyll active
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Project: Personafy

a jekyll site, with a few basic templates to generate User Personas, in a collaborative fashion (using Git & Github)

2013-11-19 personal ruby, jekyll, html active
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Blog-like Entries

'Correctness' is subjective. Working, is less-so.

2014-05-01 quote Quotes
Algorithmic Representation

Who will the be the first politician to run on an algorithmic platform?

2014-03-01 idea Personal idea
Unix terminal command for Restarting networking services

I needed to reset my wifi on my Ubuntu machine, and ran the following command to reset the network services.

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

2013-08-25 release Personal programming, notes, unix, cli
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