'Correctness' is subjective. Working, is less-so.

Algorithmic Representation

Who will the be the first politician to run on an algorithmic platform?

True representative government would be most capable of processing inputs across several topical areas, both broad and deep knowledge of virtually any concept that affects public health, safety, and welfare. All this, and...

Github's Git flow (not git-flow)

At Granicus, we've been using git-flow with success. Though, recently, a teammate came across Github flow, which is slightly different branching and merging strategy, using Git.

I especially like the internal Pull Request which prompts a co...

IE9 a:active state sticks

In IE9, when testing with Capybara, I found that a:active state sticks.

I fixed this using jquery.blur() on the element that was sticking. Of course it works well without this workaround in Firefox and Chrome.

How to connect to a VMWare Windows host on OSX Lion

Working on a project that has both Windows PHP and .Net applications and servers, as well, as an API written in Ruby, my development environment had to include Windows, in addition to the native Mac OSX 10.7. One of the requirements of the project is for the PHP code (running in a Windows VM) to...


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He loves musing on the future, and enjoys civics, architecture, reading, music, Legos, and baseball.