is a web service I created to visualize small snippets of data.

The data is stored in GitHub Gists and the Gist ID is used to display 2 different types of visual diagrams:

  1. Sequence Diagrams
  2. Graphviz Diagrams

try it out at


What might framework to track popular data related to government and the public sector look like?

What constitutes the Public Sector?

  • Public Agencies
  • Governing Bodies & Elected Officials
  • Members of those bodies (Positions)
  • People

Public data

  • Budgets
  • Contracts...

It'd be nice if...

  • Trello had a view to display archived cards on a given day, week, month

quote 71

In engineering and collaboration, make the implicit explicit.

Linking OSX Desktop folder to Dropbox

I wanted to make my OSX Desktop a folder in my Dropbox, so it always syncs.

  • I cleared all the files from my Desktop to ensure I don't delete anything when I do this.
  • Remove the default OSX Desktop folder, which is in your /Users/<username./Desktop. So, I sudo rm -rf ~/Desktop, which is ...

Personal Clothes with 3d Printers

When will I be able to have my 3d body scanned (1-2 times per year), and have clothes visualized in 3d, then available for customization and print in local locations?

Managing Photos

Accumulating photos over the years has resulted in a fragmented collection spread across storage devices.

Services I Use to Store Photos

  • Dropbox
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Amazon S3
  • Backup hard drives

I'd like a solution where:

  • I have them backed up
  • I have them in multipl...

Interoperable Web Objects

What does it mean to have interoperable web objects?

  • Drag and drop between applications
  • Enforce permissions
  • Propagate changes
  • What else?


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